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Get inspired by the famous singer Lora, and wear these Wild Inga leather bags


In a unique photo shooting for one of the most popular fashion magazines, the famous singer Lora surprises us with the coolest ideas of integrating leather bags in our outfits. Viewed as such, the pictures in the magazine seem to be so far away from our accessory capabilities that we tend to give up immediately to admire them.

But if you look a little more careful, you will see how slowly you begin to find similarities between the clothes you have in your wardrobe and the fabulous style of the wonderful artist. Here are the main three styles of clothing in which the Wild Inga leather signature bags have an essential role, and you can also adopt them anytime:

Yes, you can wear belt bags even in the cold season

Did you think that if the summer passed, you have to forget until next year the belt leather bags? Under any circumstances! Lora shows us how fascinating an autumn-winter outfit can be, when it is styled in a creative and subtle manner with a leather belt bag.

The famous artist combines a fluid autumn hood, with nice ocher shades, finished with handmade embroidery, with a leather bag worn around the waist, with a geometric design; although the chromatic range is as simple as possible, the inclusion of the belt bag in the outfit manages to surprise by an extravagant and feminine effect simultaneously, due mainly to the minimalism it inspires, as well as the fact that it accentuates the waist in a modern manner.

The white leather bags with croc effect are fabulous for any office attire

Have you been away from the white leather bags so far, because they are too difficult to maintain? Today, you have so many products at your disposal that it's impossible to make it hard to care for an accessory made of premium white leather. Lora combines the elegant Lauren white leather bag with a cozy sweater and a hat with metallic accessoriez, inspiring us to diversify our season office outfits.

Get a cozy look, with the monochromatic leather bags with structural design

Cold pastels are very popular this season, and Lora shows us how we can create a feminine and elegant monochrome outfit with a simple structural design bag like the gray Melinda.

Discover the latest collection of elegant leather bags by Wild Inga, choose your favorite model, and get inspired by Lora's style for fabulous seasonal outfits!

Published to 11 Oct 2017

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