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Top 3 pastel pink leather bags which are extremely versatile


For lovers of romantic inspirational accessories, simple black or white bags do not mean much; however, a ladies' bag in pleasant pink tones that invite you to the dream the second you look at them, seems to color the world. Though incredibly beautiful, ladies’ bags, in a variety of delicate pink shades can be quite demanding, especially in terms of showcasing that fresh look; Sometimes, if you are not confident enough, even integrating these ultra-feminine accessories into your wardrobe can be a problem.

One thing you may not know about pastel pink ladies’ bags is that they can be incredibly versatile. Wild Inga introduces the top three models of pastel pink leather purses that can be worn in countless clothing combinations:

Elegant pastel pink shoulder bags

From a utility point of view, a small shoulder bag is essential for a complete wardrobe. Good to wear when you go out for a romantic date or a party, the little bag is enough for a phone, a lipstick, and a few other small items. To diversify a little the chromatic of your accessories, choose an elegant shoulder bag in pastel pink tones. Believe us, it can be very versatile. We suggest, for example, the Natalie small shoulder bag with a snakeskin lid and oversized metal accessories, which is a favorite of fashion blogger Alina Ceusan.

This small shoulder bag can be worn with any type of outfit: from jeans and heels to casual or stylish little dresses, it will always be able to harness your feminine side and send a strong message about your personality.

Pink clutches for formal outfits

When you need an accessory that matches a formal dress imposed by a specific dress code, you can reliably choose a clutch in light pink tones without worrying about matching it with any type of texture or pattern of the outfit you would like. The Sophia clutch catches through geometric design and delicate color, and is extremely versatile due to the simplicity of the texture. It fits with an elegant blouse with bold prints, or a gorgeous evening dress, or a cocktail dresses, or any other formal outfit that you usually wear.

Patterned pink small leather bags

Fully transform your image when choosing to wear your elegant black dress, matching it with a patterned pink small leather bag with an elegant chain. The Julianne bag with pastel pink tones has a lid made of snake skin and immediately captures attention, attracting all the compliments!

Don’t you want a pastel pink elegant bag now that you know how versatile it can be?


Published to 11 Aug 2017