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Style inspiration: three outfit ideas for an office leather handbag


Consciously or not, the main criteria we use when choosing our favorite office bags is the number of outfits we imagine we can wear along with this bag. We are always more tempted to choose those leather bags that we know we can match with both jeans and sneakers, as well as stiletto shoes or dresses. Because, after all, the ability to flatter the simplest outfit, but also the most sophisticated, is one of the secrets of a perfect ladies’ bag, and one of the reasons why we love these accessories.

Let's take the Brigitte leather office bag model - one of our symbolic creations - and think about what types of shirts we can match. Despite the fact that although it is simple as a design, it still seems a pretentious accessory, you will be extremely surprised to find that there are at least three completely different ways in which you can wear this gorgeous leather purse.

Outfit no. 1 : Accessorize the Brigitte leather office bag with breezy summer pants

If you are already starting to wonder what to do next week at the office or in the city, you might find yourself inspired in the following few ways: Wild Inga designers recommend that you match your Brigitte leather office bag with a pair of summer pants in neutral shades, a seethrough top and a pair of comfortable sandals. The Brigitte office purse is made from premium leather, 100% handmade, and can be ordered in an impressive variety of colors or textures.

Today, our bets are on the Brigitte office bag in pale pink tones, wanting to show you that a simple bag can be at the same time feminine and bring even the simplest outfit to a whole new level. The harmonious combination of colors between the proposed outfit and the gorgeous nuance of the office ladies bag will enclose you in a feminine charm that will attract numerous compliments from every viewer. In addition, you will feel very well on any crowded day!

Outfit no. 2 : Bring together the Brigitte handbag with a simple office dress

Do you remember that simple black dress you have not been wearing for so long? Wear it and take with you the medium-orchid Brigitte office handbag to emphasize beauty. If it does not seem too much for you, you can add a necklace, but certainly the Brigitte handbag will be more than enough for an exceptional appearance, defined by simplicity and femininity.

Outfit no. 3 : Wear the Brigitte leather ladies’ bag with a street-style outfit

In the moments when the only thing you want is to enjoy your free time, you only need a mini leather bag to wear the few small items you always need. The same Brigitte handbag, which you’ve seen above worn along with elegant dresses or breezy summer pieces, is the perfect accessory for this. Wear it along your favorite jeans and a simple top, and enjoy everything that surrounds you!

Did I inspire you? Do not hesitate to tell us what other types of outfits you choose to wear the Brigitte handbag with!


Published to 10 Aug 2017

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