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Hot trends in spring-summer 2017: elegant leather bags

The elegant leather bags are precious accessories, without which we simply cannot imagine our lives, whether we love the classic elegance or we tend to adopt a more nonconformist style; they are our beloved jewels that we need so much when keeping up with fashion trends.



How to wear nude leather bags

The most beautiful day in which we passionately celebrate the feminine power and beauty has finally come. And how else can we spread joy around us unless we wear the perfect leather bags that outline our elegance and femininity?



Colorful clutches that outline your femininity

The colorful clutches are a statement accessory which every woman should have. Delicate and feminine, these pastel bags offer you an elegant look every time you go out.

New in fashion: colorful clutches that outline your femininity

The delicate shades of pastels which remind us of the colorful petals or of the blue sky during the endless summer days, offers us the graceful look that every woman tries so passionately to highlight. The clutches in shades of baby blue or pale pink or are priceless accessories for all of us, representing precious gems that stir up our passion for pursuing beauty and feminine delicacy and also our strong desire to develop continuously our good taste in fashion.



The perfect March Trinket

The perfect March Trinket: small leather bags in spring shades

When we offer the March trinket from the bottom of our hearts, we always bring joy to those close to us, spreading smiles and reminding them of the spring’s beauty which has come fast upon us. But it’s not only about a new beginning in our ordinary lives; new and splendid fashion trends emerge. Sometimes it can be difficult to find the ideal March trinket that can stir up feelings of delight while also being fashionable, so it’s good to know then that you can always choose an elegant present which assures exquisite experiences; the Lauren small bags made out of leather turns into reality the hope of making our loved one happy to be at our side.



NEW COLLECTION: Gentile din piele Marlene by Wild Iga

Tinute colorate, materiale pretioase, accesorii delicate, flori si soare. Primavara este anotimpul in care renastem si, alaturi de noi, si garderoba noastra prinde o viata noua. Noile colectii de genti din piele naturala marca Wild Inga sunt perfect adaptate trendurilor internationale si te vor fascina prin culori si design.



Tinute hot alaturi de clutch-uri din piele cu texturi originale

Unul dintre cele mai speciale modele de geanta de dama este clutch-ul, o geanta pe cat de mica si feminina pe atat de versatila si rafinata, iar atunci cand imbinam delicatetea unui clutch cu exotismul pielii naturale texturate, rezultatul nu poate fi decat spectaculos.