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The Wild Inga World

Wild Inga reinterprets the elegance and the refinement in a contemporary style, adressing the modern woman who wants to be admired not only for her beauty, but also for the elegance which defines her.

Each and every Wild Inga collection contains a great variety of creations, starting from day or evening bags and to clutches, all made by premium leather  of an exceptional quality, and all having precious details which you'll love for sure. 

Paying a special attention to the innovation and manufacture, Wild Inga creates entirely new bags for women, combining the structural and minimalist design. 

The creative approach, in combination with the perfect-execution technique of our creations, transforms the Wild Inga bags into original accessories, which are able to offer to all women an experience, and not a product: with us, you have the possibility to personalize any model of bag on our website with messages which can reflect your own personality. Choosing the Wild Inga bags, you choose an entirely new experience, quality and refinement.

The carefully chosen materials, brought from Italy, the precious details which add a sophisticated air to our creations (such as the swarovski chains or the pearls, for the evening bags and clutches), in combination with the touch of refinement given by the interiors finished with leather and with the perfect execution, transform the WIld Inga bags in stories about luxury, quality, elegance and feminity. 

One of the brand's objectives is represented by the participation at the international fashion trades, where we seek to share the experience of the sublime creations, designed for the modern woman, with other fashion designers around the world.

Join us into a journey which tells the story of the passion for beauty, art and elegance, offering intense and new experiences to the modern women who are in love with fashion and who know that a bag is an accessory which tells stories about our personality.