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The Scarlett silver bag and the glam-rock style


We love to highlight our sparkling elegance and delicate beauty, by wearing a graceful outfit which always captivates those around us. But sometimes we feel the need to leave behind this classic style which seems to limit our possibilities when it comes to letting our imagination and our creative spirit run free so that we can try even the most unconventional clothing combinations. When we wish to enjoy the freedom to pair different clothes and accessories without following some strict rules, the glam-rock style might seem a stylish solution. The Scarlett silver bag is one of those statement accessories which will perfectly complete your rebel look.

Leather bags with a glam-rock air

The unconventional outfits which were inspired by the image of the rock singer from the 80’s and 90’s fashion encourage us to express ourselves more easily by combining clothes and accessories in a way that draws attention to our unique style. The rock influences are based on the lack of harmony, of a certain order, reflecting a little bit our dark and adventurous side, which is also eager to try new things and to take up difficult challenges. When combining a simple T-shirt in neutral colors and a classic black leather jacket with the Scarlett silver bags, you obtain an imposing and nonconformist look, due to their impressive texture with a metalized effect and also to their edgy design. Pair them with black heels and you’ll certainly shine in your glam-rock outfit.

The feminine glam-rock look and silver bags

The glam-rock style isn’t only about non-conformism; it’s also meant to bring to light the power of the feminine, seductive and independent woman who is not afraid of going into the unknown. The Scarlett leather silver bag outlines the image of the powerful women especially when we pair it with long sparkling earrings in silver shades and black bracelets along with glamour rings; you should also wear your favorite pair of jeans in order to get a feminine rock look.

Although, animal prints, golden chains, and the stern black color of our clothes are, to some extent, a symbol of the rock music era, we can try to bring out the femininity of the glam-rock style by wearing a delicate leather dress in dark shades and this shimmering silver bag in addition to some black spiked stilettos. You just can go wrong with this chic combination!

Excessive glamour accessories

We can always exaggerate with our accessories when we try to get a fresh glam-rock look; the wide variety of prints, textures and leather fabrics is never too much or too extravagant. Combined with a silver leather bag, the other accessories will shine even more, emphasizing your confident attitude and your courage to wear a flashy outfit which will make others curious about your mysterious air.

Next to the silver bag beautifully designed by Wild Inga you can discover the feminine, strong and nonconformist side of different clothing combinations based on the sophisticated style of the glam-rock fashion.

Published of Mihaela Titirisca
to 16 Mar 2017

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