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genti la reduceri
4 unforgettable looks with designer bags on sale

Luxury accessories are precious gems that gracefully complement casual outfits as well as elegant ones, making you shine entirely. For this reason when we find good deals for leather bags it’s as if our enthusiasm for fashion and the passion with which we combine in splendid, unique ways our clothes, become even more intense as they make our day better.



modele de genti
Glam denim looks with 4 splendid luxury leather bags

The fabulous denim pieces for spring-summer 2017 have captured everybody’s attention during fashion shows as designers have succeeded this time as well to turn them into a fresh trend due to their simple yet modern and stylish reinterpretation of the old denim fashion.



genti la moda
3 stylish bags paired with summer color block outfits

How would it feel like to experiment with color combinations in such a way that you would find a different side of yourself in each color? This summer color block outfits full of dynamism are again the main focus of the fashion designers who have created a few splendid trends that you will definitely adore!



genti mici din piele
How to wear fashionable small leather bags

The small leather bags from Wild Inga have been created for all the modern women who want to wear fabulous fashionable pieces and also to enjoy the best quality of these luxury accessories that complement any outfit, regardless of her style.



geanta de dama din piele
The perfect ladies’ bags for lace outfits

Wearing the right outfit relies mostly on the perfect combination of your precious pieces and for this mix to be stunning you have to be truly inspired; this is where Wild Inga comes to help you with suggestions that will help you delicately combine lace outfits with refined ladies’ bags.



posete de seara
Summer trends 2017: glam evening purses for special events

The spring-summer trends for 2017 are absolutely fabulous especially when it comes to choosing a sophisticated outfit for a special occasion. Designers suggest we wear charming vibrant colors, feminine floral prints and maxi pieces in minimalist style.