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geanta shopper
Shopper bags in glam comfy outfits

How can we turn a simple shopping session in a wonderful, even memorable experience? Although we get ready for a quick, casual gathering with our friends with whom we go then shopping, we wish to shine in our outfits; this is why we need the perfect accessories.



genti office
Glam office bags, practical and refined accessories

When looking for the perfect office bag so as to make our work days brighter, we dwell with the difficulty of choosing from an infinite variety of accessories. However, Wild Inga comes with some beautiful outfit ideas that will certainly satisfy even the most pretentious fashionista.



genti moderne
Stylish modern bags in mix & match outfits

The new mix & match trend that has captured stylists’ attention during the latest fashion shows is well known to all of the fashionistas who are eager to make more and more eccentric combos meant to draw attention to their creativity and original style.



genti de umar din piele
Summer trends: street style with colorful shoulder bags

As summer days rapidly approach us, fashionistas are getting eager to wear fresh, dynamic outfits that are suitable for this wonderful season when the burst of color and texture is at its peak. Obviously, the precious accessories play an important role as they have to be paired with the right clothing pieces so as to offer you comfort and, of course, a remarkable look.



genti rotunde
Round bags, the essence of femininity and refinement

Like all fashionistas passionate about fashion, we desire to shine completely during special events; for this reason we spend a lot of time thinking about all kinds of combinations that should definitely combine our unique style with the latest trends we truly adore.



posete din piele de lux
Summer leather purses: how to wear floral prints

Bold color, texture and shape combinations have captured everybody’s attention during the spring-summer 2017 fashion shows, highlighting more than ever the image of the modern, powerful woman who glows with grace in her outstanding outfits.