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genti de vara
The summer bags you need to take on beach vacations

For every one of us the summer vacation spent at the seaside is not only an opportunity to relax far away from worries but also a chance to glow with refinement in outfits that reflect our unique style; in other words, we wish most ardently to shine under the sparkles of sun and under the tender moon light next to the perfect luxury accessories.



posete de ocazie
Evening purses with refined metallic effects

The metallic effects of our precious accessories we wear at special events can create a wonderful dynamic meant to highlight our fresh look with their ravishing shine. The evening purses with metallic shades replace in this way the statement jewels, as they impress with their sparkling effect with which you cannot fail when going to a party. You



geanta galbena din piele
Hot fashion trend: why you should wear yellow bags this summer

The yellow bag, whether we’re talking about an intense color or a more suave one, always highlights the femininity of the outfit we wear; despite the fact that we have gotten used to the idea according to which pink is the color that inspires most the eternal feminine air, this time we suggest you see things in a different light and get inspired by the beauty of yellow when you pick your luxury accessories.



genti office
Office leather bags with a remarkable classic design

Each day spent at work can be a real opportunity when we want to welcome as many challenges as possible while glowing with confidence in a perfect outfit that can capture your feminine power, your enthusiasm with which you invest a part of you in your work, your desire to get noticed for your intelligent choices as well as for you unique feminine style.



genti patrate
Box-shaped bags: a refined collection for a splendid vacation

The must-have accessories of this summer are undoubtedly the box-shaped leather bags due to their fresh design that can complete your elegant as well as casual outfits so as to enjoy a wonderful vacation.



geanta turcoaz
Turquoise bags, the perfect accessories for a colorful summer

Summer is the favorite season for many women due to the fact that they can make more bold combinations than ever by wearing vibrant colors, eccentric textures and prints that highlight their unique style. One of the colors that are really hot this season is the intense shade of turquoise and for this reason Wild Inga has prepared three amazing outfit ideas with turquoise bags.