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The most beautiful and modern ladies’ bags for the contemporary woman

The contemporary woman is confident in her own strength, and needs accessories that fit all her needs to feel comfortable and enjoy an impeccable style every day. There are several types of accessories that can not be missed, and the top position in this regard is held by women's bags - which we take with us day by day, no matter what type of activity we are doing.



How to buy a personalized designer bag from Wild Inga

Through our outfits and the accessories we wear, we try to reflect aspects of our personality that make us unique in front of others. That's why when we know we have the possibility to create coats, footwear or other accessories at our command, we are extremely excited.



Trend report: what leather purses will you try out this fall?

What do Fendi, Balenciaga and Loewe have in common? From the point of view of style, nothing - but when it comes to leather bags, these big fashion houses are part of a constantly ascending trend that pushes feminine accessories to extreme proportions.



The guide to elegant ladies’ bags from the fall-winter collection by Wild Inga

You're already starting to wonder what stylish bags you will wear next season, and how will you wear them? On shoulder, arm or hand? While many people will tell you that in the season you have to avoid stylish handbags because it’s not OK to opt for such accessories in the context of low temperatures, on the podiums of fashion shows the story is totally different .



Three types of purses and ladies’ bags that you’ll see everywhere in 2017

The days when the most conservative bags were considered the essential support of any female wardrobe have ended, and you should start transferring the essential items that you carry with you permanently into a personalized woman bag.



How to style the orange elegant handbags for a perfect outfit?

Orange leather bags are a challenge for every woman who always needs novelty in her life and who loves to experience new things. In fact, any colored ladies’ purse gets our curiosity and interest, but we often find ourselves in the situation of giving up such an accessory because we fear we can not accessorize them properly.