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Rafinament atemporal prin geanta de dama Elena Bordeaux din piele intoarsa

Intre o femeie si geanta ei de piele exista o legatura stabila,aceasta bazandu-si decizia de cumparare a gentii respective si pe alti factori, in afara de ce sentiment ii provoaca posibila achizitie. Acesti factori sunt calitatea, aspectul, practicabilitatea si versatilitatea. 



Cum sa asortezi o geanta de piele in nuante de coniac?

Cunoscuta datorita combinatiei distinctive dintre rosu si portocaliu, culoarea coniac a devenit rapid apreciata in randul articolelor vestimentare, dar si a accesoriilor din piele naturala. O geanta intr-o astfel de culoare este simpla de asortat, coniac-ul apartinand spectrului de nuante calde, motiv pentru care este recomandat sa il porti in perioada de toamna- iarna.



Middle East in love with the Wild Inga's leather handbags

The quest of perfection knows no boundaries. The desire and passion for creation is reflected in all of Wild Inga's leather handbags, who have managed to pass the borders, right in the heart of Middle East, in Dubai. Embark with us on a fabulous trip in the most luxurious destinations,where quality and sophistication are always present.



New: Clutch-ul Sofia pentru cele mai creative tinute

In colectia noua de genti de dama tip plic, marca Wild Inga, am introdus un nou design ce inspira modernitate si creativitate. Clutch-ul Sofia este un accesoriu plin de mister, confectionat integral manual din piele de sarpe, pe toata suprafata sa. Capacul in forma piramidala reprezinta elementul de noutate al acestui clutch care, impreuna cu clasicul negru si materialul exotic, compun un accesoriu de lux, ce iti va scoate din anonimat orice tinuta de seara, sau de zi.



Tiffany natural leather ladylike handbag: a luxury accessory

In certain moments, it only takes one accessory chosen carefully to get an impeccable outfit, sophisticated and feminine. An elegant leather bag is the best choice, because you can enjoy a refined image as well as its practicality. In addition, if you choose an intense shade, you can always blend it with exquisite outfits, sober or neutral ones, to freshen your image.



Sport bags for women- the new oversized bags

A sports bag is welcomed in your wardrobe, no matter what is your style of clothing, as it is convenient and wonderful, especially for the days when you want a simple and easy look. The Marlon voyage bags, by Wild Inga, can be used with confidence when you're not traveling , because they are extremely versatile and stylish, matching your clothing items. Made of calf leather, they have a fine texture, which feels amazinghttp://wild-inga.com/products/search?terms=marlon on your skin. The three roomy inner pockets are made of a resistant lining that will keep safe all your belongings.