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Natalie leather shoulder bags: comfort and elegance

Leather shoulder bags are a popular model among women and teenagers, being more comfortable than most of the other types. Another strong point of these accessories is that women can wear them on their shoulder, in the hand or in diagonally, depending on their preferences or the chosen outfit.  Furthermore, they match perfectly an outfit suited for work, or for going out in the club, when you want to have your bag next to you.



Natural leather handbags for successful attires

Successful women are aware of the fact that a first impressions count a lot both in professional and social relations. For an impeccable attire, regardless of the context,  they are always aware to the little details that make the difference, opting always for clothes, shoes and accessories of the highest quality, due to the fact that they represent a long term investment in their image. Leather bags are  extremely important and loved accessories in any woman's wardrobe, being also popular among ladies. The design and colors of the women's purses are diverse and vast, so you have a wide offer of bag models to choose from.



The beauty of natural leather bags in autumnal shades

In hues of burgundy, brandy, orange, navy blue or black, the Mini and Medium Lauren bags, by Wild Inga, manage to impress with their bright colors, exquisite finishes and exotic texture, with croco effect. Thus, these leather bags become the most popular and loved accessories for women, being also versatile and feminine.  The fashion blogger, Oana Oachesu, in her latest article on the Seriously Black blog, talks about one of the newest leather handbag, by Wild Inga, which she used to complete her all- black outfit.



The Lilly leather bag with Swarovski crystals: a luxury accessory

The leather handbags are an important accessory for every woman, but usually most of the models are simple, practical and comfortable. Even if we need such a casual bag, it is recommended that, occasionally, to opt for special models, that can add a touch of style and sophistication to our elegant or office outfits.



Autumn flowers- by Ramona Crisstea

The handbags are found on the list of these accessories, impressing with delicacy and the vivid and capitvating color palette. For a walk in the park, the successful blogger, Ramona Crisstea has decided to match the beautiful blue dress with colorful floral motifs, with a personalized leather bag,by Wild Inga. This Mini Scarlett leather bag is one of the most delicate and beautiful model in our range of handbags, which is why we recommend you, both we and Ramona.



Wild Inga's leather bags: a must- have of the season

A woman's bag is an indispensable accessory from her wardrobe, an accessory meant to represent the woman to the smallest details. Therefore, women pay special attention when it comes to purchasing a new leather bag. A qualitative women's bag represents an investment in the medium and long term, both for your wardrobe and your image, so it is important to choose wisely such an accessory.