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Black leather bags vs. nude leather bags

Maybe you found yourself in the position where you had to choose a leather bag, being unsure whether to opt for a classic black shade or a women's purse in nude hues. These two shades are particularly practical and versatile, each having advantages and less stronger points, which is why today we decided to debate this issue, which will allow you in the future to have more information that you can use when you decide to purchase the perfect bag, without any hassle.



The Greta leather bags- your every day accessory

Every woman has in her wardrobe a preferred accessory, which has become a very important part of her outfit. For some ladies, that accessory is a bracelet, a necklace or a ring, but for many women, that accessory is a natural leather handbag.



The refinement of ladylike accessories with pearls

The delicacy and charm of pearls have impressed over the years many successful women who chose to wear them in order to complete their refined outfits. The timeless elegance of these precious jewels lies in their simplicity which blend harmoniously with the nobility and tenderness that characterizes them. This is why Wild Inga chose to create accessories and handbags that incorporate these special gems, offering a touch of luxury to any product.



Color trend: refined outfits with blue leather handbags

You may already know the soothing effect of the blue color and its meaning. Many people associate this color with honesty and loyalty, and an accessory or article of clothing in this shade may mean that you do not want to attract unwanted attention on you, being a reserved and calm hue. These qualities of the blue color can be exploited successfully at your workplace, and a leather bag in such a hue can be an inspired choice, that will help you get an elegant but discreet outfit.



The most delicate bags made of suede by Wild Inga

Besides the Italian natural leather, of the highest quality that was used in the creation of Wild Inga's women's bags, there is another fabric which enjoys the same best quality: the suede. The women's handbags made of suede are an in vogue and loved accessory for women due to the smooth texture and the unique look. Moreover, such a bag is a great way to complete a refined outfit, being an optimal choice in moments when you are invited to a party or a special event.



Black Friday sales: leather bags for women

You can enjoy the most practical and versatile designs of handbags, made entirely by hand, from fabrics of the highest quality, that can be found until the end of November at a  super discount of 25% . The leather bags, by Wild Inga, that are at a discount price, are characterized by a fine texture, an unquestionable quality and a wide range of shades and combinations which impress with their versatility, cheerfulness and femininity.