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Leather accessories in vogue: women's chockers

The collection of chockers by Wild Inga brings together the most unconventional, special, refined and elegant women's chockers, made of Italian natural leather, suede or snakeskin, in bright and extremely versatile shades, being easy to match your daily chosen outfits.



Genti din piele in nuante de maro pentru ea si pentru el

Considerate in trecut accesorii folosite doar de catre femei, gentile din piele au avut o lunga perioada un design discret, feminin si sofisticat, la care s-a adaugat confortul si pragmatismul unui astfel de accesoriu.Insa, odata cu diversificarea modelelor si a culorilor, caracterul practic al unei genti din piele a fost recunoscut si de catre partea masculina care a inceput sa fie din ce in ce mai receptiva la tendintele modei.



Cum sa asortezi clutch-uri din piele in nuante de pastel

Zilele de vara au apus de mult dar inca putem pastra delicatetea si feminitatea nuantelor potrivite acestui sezon si in perioada de toamna- iarna, daca stim cum sa imbinam tinutele noastre cu accesoriile din piele in nuante gingase de pastel. Un clutch din piele intr-o astfel de culoare reuseste sa ne ofere o aparitie deosebita, iar asortarea acestui accesoriu poate fi extrem de facila daca echilibram culorile tinutei noastre.



Leather bags perfect for outfits with prints

Besides the simple clothes that you definitely gave in your wardrobe, there are some great clothes with prints of different types or with unique designs that are more difficult to math with your leather bags. We know how unpleasant it is to compose a creative and colorful outfit that is difficult to match with an accessory that completes your look, being practical at the same time. For this reason, today we will talk about the best handbags, by Wild Inga, that can match your colorful attires.



The natural leather unisex bags by Wild Inga

Like electronic devices, a bag with multiple uses proves to be an indispensable part of any wardrobe, whether is a male or a female one. A unisex leather bag can be used both to keep your important documents and for smart devices, such as tablets, notebooks or laptops. Furthermore, if such an accessory has an adaptable color that fits your clothes, you can use it also to complete your office attires.



Leather bags with croco effect for the most chic outfits

In this fall- winter season, the collections of women's bag of the most famous designers have reinterpreted the classic models, introducing modern and urban notes, thus giving a chic and contemporary allure to the outfits. The leather bags with exotic texture were also embellished with an intense and attractive color palette which turned them into real works of art.