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Shoulder bags- the perfect accessory for modern women

A leather shoulder bag is the most practical and comfortable accessory for women that we can own and through which we manage to perfect our outfits for day or for evening events. This kind of purse can be worn both on the shoulder, in hand, and diagonally, in the cross body style, allowing us to enjoy a complete freedom. 



Cele mai festive genti plic din piele naturala by Wild Inga

Colectia gentilor plic by Wild Inga intruneste cele mai practice, deosebite si interesante clutch-uri, realizate din materiale alese, de cea mai buna calitate. Confectionate din piele de sarpe, piele naturala sau textura exotica cu efect croco, aceste accesorii au capacitatea de a iti evidentia stilul si de a se integra perfect cu hainele pe care le-ai ales, astfel incat sa obtii o tinuta unitara si stilata.



Genti din piele romanesti de cea mai buna calitate

Wild Inga este un brand autentic romanesc, ce pune pret pe calitate, rafinament si confort. Materialele utilizate in procesul de productie al gentilor si accesoriilor sunt aduse din Italia si sunt prelucrate in Romania, respectiv intr-un atelier din Bucuresti. Lucrate integral manual, produsele Wild Inga impresioneaza prin finetea texturilor, paleta de culori versatila si intensa, dar si prin originalitatea ce se regaseste in toate modelele de genti si accesorii.



Genti din piele in nuante de roz pentru tinute chic

O culoare ce reuseste intotdeauna sa iti ofere o alura delicata si joviala este nuanta de roz, precum si variatii ale acesteia, fiind o culoare in voga si in acest an, indiferent de sezon. Totusi, in perioada de toamna- iarna, gentile roz din piele sunt folosite pentru a mai condimenta tinutele ce pot fi uneori prea banale.



The most refined leather bags with snakeskin insertions

To compose a chic outfit you just need one unique element with which to refresh your style and that you can match with clothing items in neutral, bright or delicate shades. Most of the time, women opt for accessories with exotic textures, that are in vogue in every season, and through which one can easily get a creative and extravagant look. A practical and stylish accessory is a women's bag with snakeskin insertions, that inspire uniqueness and refinement.



Customized leather bags: the most feminine and authentic gift

Besides the fact that someone's birthday is a reason to celebrate them, it also represents an optimal opportunity through which we remind that person in question how much we appreciate her existence. Whether we choose to express our feelings in a letter or opt for a symbolic gifts, such gestures always manage to surprise the celebrated person and bring joy and lots of smiles. Another way for you to get this result is to opt for a practical and personalized gift, so the joy to be doubled.