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Gentile de dama Grace: combinatie inedita intre pielea naturala si cea de ponei

In crearea celor mai speciale genti de dama se utilizeaza diverse materiale calitative si combinatii intre acestea, avand un aspect deosebit si o textura catifelata. Pe langa materialele deja cunoascute, precum pielea naturala italiana, pielea cu efect croc , pielea intoarsa si pielea caviar, folosite in conturarea modelelor by Wild Inga, exista un nou tip, denumit pielea de ponei.



Hot in red: Women's bag for sensual outfits

Perfect both for special occasions and to complement an elegant outfit, a ladies bag in bright colors always makes our appearance more beautiful, giving us a feminine, sensual and refined allure. Furthermore, a women bag in shade of red or burgundy is sufficient to enhance a festive look, with no need to add more accessories in order to stand out.



A women's bag made of caviar leather: a luxury accessory

 A women's bag with an exotic texture can highlight your attire, adding an extravagant touch to the clothes that you choose to match that unique accessory. Besides the snake skin and the natural leather with croc effect, there is another type of fabric of a special refinement. The caviar leather is extremely popular and durable, with a unique look and an wonderful texture.



New in town: the Ava elegant bags for women

In the category of new products by Wild Inga has appeared a new collection of handmade bags for women, made from the finest materials, durable and with a smooth texture. Versatile, original and practical, these handbags can be your favorite accessory in any season. 



How to have a glamour outfit with a navy blue bag with croc effect

Glamorous attires manage to give us a memorable appearance, attracting admiration and the curiosity from those around us. If some ladies prefer an exquisite dress with which they can impress, there are other women who add a unique accessory, matching their chosen attire. Whatever you prefer, you still need a practical and feminine leather bag that will complement your appearance.



Going Wild- The Western Trend- by Neoandlime

A fashionable accessory that will always be in vogue is a women's bag, adaptable, useful and has that 'je ne sais quoi' that makes us adore it.