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Color trend: Brown leather bags for any occasion

Practical, adaptable and easy to match, the leather bags in shades of brown are accessories that can accompany with grace your everyday outfits. Such a neutral shade is extremely popular in any season and it is worn with an extended range of colors, textures and combinations. To get a flawless look, today we will shade some tricks and secrets in wearing such an accessory, tips that you can use next time you create an office, chic or comfortable outfit.



How to adopt a trendy look with a silver natural leather bag?

A leather handbag in silver shades can seem a bit to extravagant for your own tastes, but in the right combination, this kind of accessory will prove its worth while being extremely useful and easy to match. Moreover, the silver shade can always put your outfit into the spotlight being simple to choose clothing items, depending on the accessory that you want to wear in a certain day.



The most sublime shoulder bags with pearls

In Wild Inga collection you will find an extremely wide range of shoulder bags models, each one benefiting from a special element that sets it apart from others. Whether you opt for shades that are combined with an exotic texture, you desire a bag with metallic effects or dream to have refined outfits, inspired by the Audrey Hepburn style, perfecting them with a women's bag with pearls, Wild Inga is the solution for you in any situation.



Ladies bags with metallic effects- boost of brilliance

Ladies bags with precious accents mange to highlight any basic outfit, be it classic, elegant or even a festive one. Moreover, a bag for women with reflections is versatile enough to suit a variety of shades, colors and prints. Before the New Year's Eve party, on the last minute, we thought you should check a new model, by Wild Inga, through which your outfits will get a precious, refined and feminine look.



Clutches for women for spectacular outfits for New Year's Eve

In order to highlight with style a New Year's Eve outfit, clutches for women must impress with their finishes, exotic texture or vivid colors that harmonizes with the entire look. You can opt for one of these attributes, but a model that meets all these conditions is definitely preferable.



Handbags for refined outfits for New Year's Eve

The handbags for women chosen for the New Year's Eve party are mostly clutches, due to their small size that can match dresses or elegant suits for the special evening. Today, however, we will focus on a particular model that is also refined, practical and harmonizes perfectly to the most pretentious outfits.