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red leather bags
Red leather bags: 4 rules to break when wearing them

Some of the rules of fashion limit our creative spirit, encouraging us to yield to certain standards which we definitely find monotonous or just not right for our strong personality. Even when it comes to the way we wear red leather bags, the classic style lessons can become so restrictive that they won’t allow us to accept new challenges and experiment with different clothing pieces, color and fabrics.



Fashion challenge: 3 different outfits in a single day with a blue bag

Because we know you like challenges especially when it concerns fashion, we suggest you start the week by pairing this accessory with a few wonderful outfits, all worn in one day. What are the rules? Wear three different outfits. With the same blue bag. And don’t forget, you have to wear all of them in the same day!​



4 ways to wear women’s bags that reveal our personality’s secrets

Who would have thought that even the simple manner in which women’s bags are worn can hide a lot of things about their personality? The body language expert, Kathlyn Hendricks, suggests that we transmit hidden messages without even knowing it when we choose the way we wear our purse.



Pink leather bags with romantic features

The feminine style characterized by romanticism, will never be forgotten by designers; every year the trends celebrating the image of romance and femininity which was so appreciated in the past, are subdued to a modern adaptation that amazes us through the creative way in which the contemporary sophisticated design combines harmoniously with the delicate fabrics and pastel colors.



The new Marlene leather bag, perfect for spring dresses

As the sun’s warm rays bathes us gently wrapping us in a wonderful sensation of joy, we wait with a bigger eagerness for summer to come. Until then, we can enjoy the versatility of casual outfits because there are a lot of combinations we can make this season.



leather clutches
6 elegantly designed clutch bags

Clutch bags are the glam accessories without which every special occasion seems incomplete. Surely, you have carefully decided to wear that close fitting dress in vibrant shades or to stylishly pair your beloved top with the perfect pair of trousers, but maybe this isn’t enough.