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leather bags
The Tiffany shoulder bags, between unique elegance and comfort

When they go to work or shopping, or maybe to a simple date, modern women should have an impeccable look, and shoulder bags play an important part in this as they can entirely change an outfit. At the same time, remember Coco Chanel’s remarkable quote that has marked the fashion world: “a girl should be two things: classy and fabulous”.



clutch bags
4 good reasons to wear clutch bags for day outfits

Inspired by the Hollywood fashion of the 20s and 30s, the clutch bags trend still captures designers’ interest as fashion stylists have been suggesting us for a while now to match these wonderful statement accessories with day outfits.



leather bags
Leather bags with pearls, the perfect vintage gift

Clothing pieces, accessories and make-up are essential aspects in every modern woman’s life and if you want to get an impeccable look every day you definitely need to take these things into consideration. Also, these can be the perfect present with which you want to impress your loved one, especially if you choose a special leather bag with pearls that is simple yet refined.



luxury bags
Trend report: the perfect luxury bags for every outfit

Once unleashed, our imagination can turn even the simplest outfit ideas into a fabulous reality; we only need the freedom to play with different statement pieces. There are certain luxury bags that do not only impress through their impeccable design but also through their versatility that offers us the possibility to wear them at any moment of the day and to experiment with endless clothing combinations.



statement bags
Statement bags, a must have for this spring

We don’t always have enough time to prepare ourselves when going out and this is why we definitely need a statement accessory that can magically turn our simple outfit so that we can feel beautiful and spectacular even if we’re wearing our usual clothes.



leather bag
Amazing casual outfits with Susanne leather bag

We should be careful when choosing a certain model of leather purse especially when we know that it will stick with us all year long. The new Susanne bag offers your casual outfits an imposing and feminine air, always being the perfect accessory for a casual look due to its timeless beauty and simplicity.