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summer leather bags
Hot trend: summer leather bags with floral prints

This summer leather purses with floral prints are the statement accessories that turn your vacation days into unforgettable moments; you will certainly not forget so easily those sunny days or clear, late evenings in which your graceful outfit will be enriched with the summer leather bags’ charm but also with the delicacy or your ethereal dresses.



clutch bags
Party clutch: incredible outfits with stylish clutch bags

Generally, women pay a special attention to the clothes they wear, especially if they go to a memorable event or if they want to impress others with their spectacular presence. While dresses may represent key pieces for an elegant look, clutch bags are also a must as they complement perfectly your entire refined outfit.



ladies evening bags
How to combine bold prints with ladies’ evening bags

Ladies’ evening bags in bright colors, pastels or even in nude ones go perfectly with bold prints as they draw attention to your refined, unique style that glows with elegance. You can pair in a lot of ways Wild Inga’s leather bags with printed clothes so that you will always shine during the parties you go to​.



leather handbags
3 fabulous ways to accessorize a leather handbag

Our splendid bags for which we have definitely made a passion can make you get rid of the monotony of the usual classic look if you personalize them in a creative manner with wonderful accessories that would satisfy in this way your need for change and your desire to stay fashionable at all times.



colorful bags
Amazing colorful bags that will brighten your day

When monotony creeps into your life and wardrobe, you might feel that you need a statement accessory that would bring a certain kind of glow to your usual outfits so that you would shine even in those rainy days, when everything seems to be covered in a delicate nostalgia towards the sunny summer, full of bright colors.



leather purses
Color block leather purses: versatility and elegance

The gracious color mix is always a stylish solution when you want to offer your outfits a distinguished glow and dynamism and to try as many combinations and styles as possible. The chromatic harmony of your pieces can get your rid of monotony in this way, giving you in the same time the opportunity to enjoy versatility and elegance.