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leather purses
Unusual leather purses, perfect for every age

Sometimes, in order to capture the beauty of the unique style in which you creatively make trendy combinations it’s necessary to affirm yourself through the non-conformism of eccentric outfits created from unusual pieces.



shoulder bags
Shoulder bags and the trendy military style

In the last years the style adopted by women has been inspired by masculine clothing items, an if at the beginning there were popular different types of trousers, then elegant jackets or blazers and shirts, Oxford shoes and other splendid pieces, now the military style has been one of the main targets of designers’ new trends in fashion.



white leather bag
Color trend: how to wear white leather bags

Created as a symbol of the refined style, the white leather bags capture wonderfully the distinguished beauty of any outfit while highlighting your uniqueness when combining countless precious pieces. Its timeless elegance turns these superb white purses into must-have accessories.



structured luxury bags
Structured luxury bags: how to wear them

The modern design of minimalist purses evokes a distinguished elegance that will always be fashionable due to the fact that, paradoxically, the simplicity of the lines that define these precious accessories offer you a charmingly sophisticated look.



golden purses
Street style with metallic bags: 3 superb golden purses

The trend of luxury accessories with metallic effects worn with street style outfits has become more and more popular among fashionistas and designers, as it draws attention to the beauty of bold, eccentric yet feminine combinations.



leather bags
How do we choose leather bags for summer outfits

Summer will come soon enough so you need to prepare your wardrobe according to the latest trends; fashion magazines suggest us to try new, splendid models of leather bags that are suitable for this season and that will certainly make you shine with the brilliance of your clothing combinations.