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nude leather bags
Elegant stripes: how to wear them with nude bags

Although we are used to the classic stripes of casual outfits which we wear when we usually go out for a walk or shopping, designers show us again that we can use the simple lines, which apparently are not so glamorous, to create a fabulous outfit characterized by the wonderful glow of elegance and femininity.



navy blue bags
Navy blue bags paired with seductive pastel outfits

The pastels of the pieces we carefully combine so as to get a chromatic harmony create a splendid contrast when we pair them with darker shades like the elegant navy blue of our luxury accessories. Next to a navy blue, our pastel outfits will get a distinguished refined look that will catch all eyes.



snakeskin bags
Snakeskin bags: 4 stylish ways to wear them

Snakeskin accessories are precious pieces that complement delicately every outfit while highlighting your splendid elegance. No matter how simple your clothing combinations are next to snakeskin bags you will always glow with a distinguished confidence and charm that will make you easily get noticed.



leather day bags
Remarkable leather day bags for extravagant outfits

Every woman has a unique style whish she defines in time, after multiple efforts, and often her taste in fashion follows the latest trends so that she can make amazing fashionable combinations.



elegant leather bags
Comfort and refined style with elegant leather bags

For every woman, the elegant leather bag represents an essential accessory from her wardrobe, and this is why some prefer to spend a lot of money when choosing a luxury quality purse that is meant to resist in time and also be fashionable.



ladies' bags
Remarkable luxury ladies’ bags under 67 euro

Every fashionista wants to have an impeccable look when she goes out, regardless of the occasion she gets ready for and due to the well-known fact that an outfit cannot be complete without the perfect ladies’ bag, Wild Inga suggests you choose from wonderful two models of luxury bags under 67 euro​.