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leather ladies bags
4 geometric ladies bags perfect for every silhouette

Whether we have a sensual or a delicate silhouette, we can always resort to some tricks that make us shine without highlighting those little flaws we are surely not proud of. When we want to draw attention to our beauty we can wear certain kinds of luxury accessories which favor our feminine look.



leather purses
Pastel leather purses: amazing outfits with ruffles

The summer dresses with imposing big-sized ruffles or with delicate curves, made from a charming silky fabric, go wonderfully with pastel leather purses. The gentle colors of ladies bags create a superb chromatic harmony next to the shades of baby blue, pale pink or green, while sweetening your refined style in a charming manner.



evening luxury clutches
The perfect luxury clutches for an unforgettable night

Our passion for the latest trends in fashion combines in a delicate manner with our desire to always catch all eyes, intensifying in this way the enthusiasm with which we make seductive combinations especially when it comes to special events or casual parties.



Stylish summer: 3 luxury bags which are always trendy

Besides the versatility and the fresh design of luxury accessories, we also look after those beautiful bags that have been created as the refined expression of a timeless elegance, forever in vogue. Wild Inga offers you the possibility to choose from a remarkable collection of luxury leather bags whose modern design impresses us more as time goes by.



pink leather bags
Comfort and elegance with modern pink bags

There are those times when we hope that the carefully chosen luxury accessories turn our outfit into a fabulous look that would attract others’ admiration while offering at the same moment the desired comfort. Because we eagerly want to enjoy a superb look as well as a comfy outfit, the practical side of a ladies bag is an essential thing to take into consideration when making a decision.



small leather bags
3 small leather bags to pair with feminine all-white outfits

All-white outfits distinguish themselves through their refined style and graceful femininity, impressing with its splendid imposing look that highlights your majestic and noble allure. The beauty of such an outfit is outlines especially by the fineness of the delicate white shades that create an amazing chromatic harmony depending on the colors which you combine.