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Small leather bags, the perfect feminine luxury accessories

Bags play an important role in any modern woman’s life; they accompany them under various conditions, at work, shopping or at other occasions. The possibilities are limitless when it comes to our precious small leather bags. Wild Inga has a few suggestions regarding the way you pair these luxury accessories which should always have a special place in a fashionista’s wardrobe due to their inspiring femininity and elegance.



3 types of women's leather bags suitable for festivals

The festival season you dreamt of all year is more present than ever. And besides the fact that we can hardly wait to enjoy the fairytale atmosphere, away from the monotony of the usual days, we know that such events are an extraordinary opportunity to put on those fancy outfits you do not necessarily wear it everyday.



Top 3 leather bags to wear this summer

We find out how important leather bags are for us just when we leave home without one, and we feel incomplete.



cross body bag
The elegant crossbody bag: how to wear it

We all want to look stylish all the time, no matter where we go and for this reason we have to be careful when we make trendy clothing combinations; we also need to pay extra attention when we choose our bag because this precious item is the key element of amazing attires. Wild Inga makes it easier for you by making a selection of the most beautiful crossbody bags while also providing you a few fashionable outfit ideas. 



ladies bags
Top 3 unconventional ladies bags in intense shades

These days it’s not easy at all to find the ideal accessories that complement your feminine look because of the countless options that make you even more confused when you need to make up your mind on what to choose. Wild Inga has a made a top of the most beautiful unconventional ladies bags in intense shades as they seem to be adored by all fashionistas.



office bags
The Amanda office bags: how to wear them with deconstructed shirts

Statement clothing items such as the deconstructed shirts get a distinguished feminine air when paired with the ladies accessories with a modern design; the office bags from the new Amanda collection are key elements for this type of outfit due to their box shape that inspires a remarkable elegance while their harmonious chromatic catches all eyes.