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Logo mania: why braded designer bags are so cool right now?

After all the bold tendencies we have seen this year, we began to think we can’t be surprised anymore. It seems, however, that great fashion designers compete with each other when it comes to impressing  us with fabulous creations that show a lot of creativity.



Style inspiration: what elegant bags does Alina Eremia love?

Alina Eremia is a true fashion icon for the contemporary woman, managing to surprise us all the time through her impeccable appearance and fashion style. Our Wild Inga designers were curious to find out what Alina's favorite leather bags are, to give you a new source of inspiration for your everyday outfits. We have to admit, and this time I was very pleasantly surprised by the choices and dress combinations of the star!



Graphic prints and the elegant bags: the story of a trend which you must try

For fashion designers everywhere, we still have fascinating news that are sure to make you happy: in the season that has just begun, the stylish women's handbags with graphic prints are what’s in! Just as I introduced to you in the other series of articles dedicated to fashion trends in the fall-winter season of this year, minimalism is set aside, because the bold textures, colors and prints take its place.



Forget minimalism! Elegant leather bags with embelishments are the newest trend

You didn’t already know that the most important trend of this season is represented by elegant bags with many accessories? Exactly, you can forget for a time about simple, minimalist leather purses that you used to wear on every occasion, because now it’s become more beautiful, more spectacular, more extravagant, more daring. Finally, you have the chance to be yourself without worrying about overloading your outfits!



Furry leather bags and purses are the hottest trend of the cold season

Furry material associated exclusively with the cold season, but thanks to fashion creators, we do not have to wait for a mountain hike to try this trend. Leather purses with fur are the hottest trend of the cold season, just as fur footwear have been sensational during the summer.



Elegant clutches regain their popularity in fall 2017

Undoubtedly, 2017 surprised us with the most unexpected trends, including in the women's bags department. Starting from the rediscovery of the elegant clutches, and to the special charm of the furry ladies’ bags, the fashion presentations for the fall-winter season this year simply fascinate us.