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Unusual leather purses, perfect for every age


Sometimes, in order to capture the beauty of the unique style in which you creatively make trendy combinations it’s necessary to affirm yourself through the non-conformism of eccentric outfits created from unusual pieces. The unconventional leather purses are must-have accessories as they offer you a stylish look that is always fashionable. But the modern design of these women’s bags does not take into consideration your age, as there is a certain kind of bags that are suitable to every woman regardless of her age. It’s essential to know how to identify these precious pieces with a timeless elegance.

Leather bags with ruffles

leather purses

Delicate and feminine, these leather purses inspire a distinguished exquisiteness that young fashion lovers as well as more mature ones can equally enjoy. The splendid and unusual ruffles of the Scarlett bag combine gracefully the simplicity of its lines with the soft shades of green so that it will make you glow with glamour. This accessory can be worn with an ethereal pastel dress but also with an outfit in neutral shades, offering a dynamic touch to more sober appearance. The suave green of this leather purse complements perfectly the elegant black and the graceful bronze; be sure that you will catch all eyes with this remarkable combination.

Women’s bags with pyramidal details

At first sight, bags with pyramidal details might not seem to suitable for the mature modern woman; surprisingly, this elegant and chic model of leather purse reflects the playful and cheerful nature that is deep inside us and that stays forever young. Paired with an evening outfit in dark shades, the Scarlett silver bag will offer you a fresh, modern look while drawing attention to your refined style. Next to a casual outfit with glam-rock influences, this amazing accessory becomes the key element that highlights your bold, non-conformist attitude, offering your clothes an edgy accent.

Geometrical shaped leather purses

The leather bags with irregular modern shapes definitely outline the femininity of the charming combinations you make when you mix classic pieces with fashionable ones, in a way inspired by the latest trends. The Sofia clutches have a splendid fresh design due to their pyramidal shapes that reminds us of avant-garde influences. The clutch bag Sofia colored in a wonderful pink pastel is as chic as it is versatile and practical. You can wear it in every moment of the day, regardless of the occasion for which you get ready. In late evenings, when fun and relaxing moments wait for you, take with you the Sofia leather clutch with metallic effects. Its sparkling golden shade will draw attention to your stylish elegance and feminine grace.

Wild Inga offers you the possibility to choose from classic leather purses as well as from more modern bags with an edgy look that go perfectly with outfits for all ages. Get inspired by this amazing collection of luxury accessories so as to emphasize your good taste in fashion and your passion for beauty.

Published of Mihaela Titirisca
to 14 Apr 2017

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