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Check out the new collection of stylish leather handbags by Wild Inga


After a period of intense training, followed by a memorable launch in Milan, the European capital of fashion, the new Wild Inga autumn-winter collection is now available online. During this time, we've tried every day to give you insight into the latest trends in fashion, especially on leather bags that you should not miss under any circumstance, this season.

Today, you can think that you are well informed enough to make a highly inspired choice, so we will starve your curiosity by presenting you our main designs of stylish Wild Inga leather bags that you can find in our online store.

Elegant bags in unusual chromatic combinations

After all the shows of the big fashion houses, you have already taken note that this season has a great emphasis on colors; the novelty is that it brings together extreme shades in harmonious proportions to bring a touch of color to the monochrome outfits of the cold season. With a minimum of effort, your appearances will instantly become impossible to overlook, and will stir admiration due to the contemporary and feminine style it inspires.

The Edith and Marlene Nuvo bags are the stars of this collection, from this point of view; harmoniously combining the green shades with the intense and romantic pink fuchsia, they manage to raise the standards of elegance and boldness every time you choose to wear them.

Ladies’ bags with snakeskin insertions

Matching contrasting textures is another trend you mustn't miss this season. For added elegance and fancy flair, choose a leather bag with python leather insertions that combines pastel shades with textural games and a structural design to create a jewel of an accessory for every female wardrobe.

Marlene Nuvo and Edith Leather Bags are the flagship accessories of this Wild Inga collection, embelished by their fabulous effect in every fashion style in which they are embedded.

Office leather bags with contemporary designs

The time you spend in the office can now acquire an elegant and contemporary flair, thanks to the leather bags whose classical style is reinterpreted; contemporary details that differentiate them from classical models are also characterized by a practical dimension; for example,the Jackie office bag is finished with a yellow front pocket, juxtaposed over the blue navy premium leather.

Published to 07 Oct 2017

Recommended Products

579.00 EUR

Edith Green Bag

A modern ladies’ bag with side snakeskin inserts, in fuchsia and fresh green shades. It features metallic accessories, a snakeskin handle and a premium leather strap for the shoulder. It cand be worn both in hand or on shoulder, with office or casual chic outfits

599.00 EUR

Marlene Nuvo Pistachio Bag

A handmade ladies bag with premium leather and snakeskin details, in cyclam and pistachio green shades. It can be worn on shoulder or in hand, and it is designed for the excentric women who adore the color-block combos.

463.20 EUR 579.00 EUR

Jackie Bleumarin Bag

A modern office bag made from italian leather, in bleumarin and yellow shades. It features an external pocket in geometric shapes and it has a shoulder strap and a handle, being suitable for various clothing styles.

479.20 EUR 599.00 EUR

Pink Vittoria Bag

An elegant handbag with structural design, made from orchid-colored premium leather and from silver-grey snakeskin, featuring a golden frontal lock, double handle and metallic golden strap.