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Small leather bags, the perfect feminine luxury accessories


Bags play an important role in any modern woman’s life; they accompany them under various conditions, at work, shopping or at other occasions. The possibilities are limitless when it comes to our precious small leather bags. Wild Inga has a few suggestions regarding the way you pair these luxury accessories which should always have a special place in a fashionista’s wardrobe due to their inspiring femininity and elegance.

Refinement with small purses

A first suggestion is the Scarlett silvery small leather bag that promises a design that you will simply adore. Its simple, fresh lines combine with the distinguished texture that catches all eyes due to its metallic effect. Also, this leather bag is made of natural leather and for this reason it looks amazing and its resistance is exceptional. It can be easily paired with countless outfits and it can be worn many seasons in a row without deteriorating. The Scarlett small size bag has its own handle, in addition to a detachable leather strap that offers you the desired comfort. Surprisingly its interior pockets are more than generous; you can carry with you all of the essential things you need.

Opulence with small luxury bags

Another inspired choice is the Marlene white small bag that despite its small size has a remarkable generous interior. It’s a simple, refined leather purse that impresses with the opulence of the colorful details that decorate its front side. The color of these studs and bag can be matched with different shades, offering you the flexibility you need when making stylish combos. The beauty of your outfit is gracefully complemented by the golden metallic shoulder chain and for this reason you can wear it in various ways. Crafted from natural leather the Marlene small leather bag doesn’t only look great but it also gives you the promise of quality.

Elegance with small ladies bags

If you wish to be at all times stylish you should choose the Brigitte pale purple small bag due to the timeless refinement inspired by its amazing color and by its modern unique design which combines luxury with flexibility. Next to casual or elegant outfits paired with these small leather bags you will always inspire a mesmerizing femininity meant to catch all eyes. Wild Inga has created a remarkable collection of small leather bags that are simply wonderful.


Published to 12 Jul 2017

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