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Hot trends in spring-summer 2017: elegant leather bags


The elegant leather bags are precious accessories, without which we simply cannot imagine our lives, whether we love the classic elegance or we tend to adopt a more nonconformist style; they are our beloved jewels that we need so much when keeping up with fashion trends. Get inspired by the latest trends for the spring-summer collection this year and choose the perfect elegant purse for you.

Elegant purses, still hot in 2017

This spring, new trends have arrived emphasizing designers’ need to focus on the modern image of the independent, strong woman. Eccentric combinations of intense colors and patterns used by designers all around the world are influencing the fashion world, offering us the opportunity to experiment as much as we can without the fear of being judged. However, this extravagant approach towards fashion doesn’t take the place of the refined elegance inspired by the past. The classic style of elegant leather bags has remained in the spotlight. It seems that these delicate purses have no match for the harshness of time and this is why they will always have a special place in our wardrobe.

Elegant leather bags with shoulder chains

The golden chains of these classy shoulder bags highlight your feminine allure through their wonderful design which is still in vogue. The Marlene black bag is one of the most beautiful accessories which you can wear due to their gracious look offered by the tasteful combination between the golden chains and the two leather textures. Another elegant bag that creates a sense of beauty and elegance is the turquoise Lauren purse; Wild Inga has used marvelous leather when designing this priceless bag so that it would offer you a lovely mysterious air.

Office oufits and refined purses

The elegant leather bags are not just suitable for special events; they are also perfect for those days in which you want to obtain a stunning look when you go to work. Designers suggest us to wear a bold outfit by combining minimalist clothes with elegant leather bags which distinguish themselves from others due to their subtle details. In this way we are encouraged to amaze others through our natural beauty and simplicity. Office dresses paired with the right leather purse can become rather spectacular; before you choose a bag make sure that you won’t overdo your elegant outfit. Sometimes less means more. If the workplace allows you to have a more casual attitude you can alternate between fashion styles.

The leather clutch, a dreamy accessory

The clutches with floral print aren’t the only ones fashionable this year; Swarovski crystals are also essential for those of you trying to keep up with fashion and to wear an impressive outfit. The stylish Linda clutch in shades of delicate pink offers you a chic look regardless of what you are wearing. Its aerial bright colors and small crystals emphasize your feminine grace.

Wild Inga has created elegant leather bags especially for the unforgettable moments you spend near to those close to you. Be stylish next to these elegant leather bags.

Published of Mihaela Titirisca
to 09 Mar 2017

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