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On the lust list: leather bags with handmade embroidery


Since the great Gucci fashion house has introduced fashionable embroidered elegant bags to fashion podiums, each fashion designer and fashionista has tried to reproduce this trend and find new ways to include these fabulous accessories in the feminine wardrobes.

Although embroidered leather bags are not a very new trend, they are extremely popular this season because they mark the shift from bohemian inspired trends to the more fashion-forward trends. Practically, the handmade embroidery that adorns leather bags can transform a simple accessory into a glamorous artistic piece that instantly attracts the attention and embellishes any style of clothing.

From office bags to casual or occasion bags, the Wild Inga designers have reinterpreted this style by adding a personal touch to it. Here are the main models of handmade leather handbags that you can order right away from our online shop:

Elegant white handbags with handmade floral embroidery

For special parties or events, you can surprise your viewers with a feminine and contemporary look, embodying in your outfit an elegant white leather premium bag with handmade floral embroidery.

Following the lines of a structural design, the elegant hand-embroidered white handbag Melanie manages to bring simplicity and sophistication together; it featuresh a golden metal chain that allows you to wear it on your shoulder, and it looks fabulous in combination with cocktail or evening dresses.

Handbags in neutral colors with hand embroidered motifs

Give a fresh and stylish look to your daytime outfits, choosing to combine them with an Italian leather bag in neutral colors that stands out instantly due to the hand embroidered motifs, carefully placed on the cap. Made with a fabulous precision, the Marlene Brown hand-embroidered handbag is now available at a lower price in our online store!

Red leather office bags with handmade applications

The beautiful fashion blogger Larisa Costea puts in a modern office outfit - made up of a graceful set of minimalist lines, a french beret with a pair of black stiletto shoes and a simple white top - a premium leather in intense shades of red; if at first you think the intensity of color is what makes the office bag so appealing, in fact, its elegance resides in the handmade embroidered applications.

What is your preferred model of leather handbags with handmade embroidery, and how would you fit it into your everyday outfits?

Published to 08 Oct 2017

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