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Structured luxury bags: how to wear them


The modern design of minimalist purses evokes a distinguished elegance that will always be fashionable due to the fact that, paradoxically, the simplicity of the lines that define these precious accessories offer you a charmingly sophisticated look. The structured luxury bags complement gracefully your delicate feminine allure, while giving you the possibility to pair them with countless clothing pieces.

From the cross body bags to the elegant purses, the modern luxury accessories will definitely transform your outfit, so we suggest you discover how to get a fabulous look with them and when to wear them so as to catch all eyes.

structured luxury bags

Modern luxury purses and casual mixes

In order to wear with style your blue ripped jeans and casual top, you should absolutely carry with you a structured leather bag; the apparently sloppy look of your casual outfit will be balanced by the minimalist purse that reminds us of the idea of order. The Marlene Nuvo luxury bag in delicate shades of pink turns your outfit into stylish pieces that go perfectly together while highlighting your natural beauty and your imposing style. Pair some colorful heels with your glam clothes and you will get in this way an incredible look.

Monochromatic outfits and luxury bags

The structured luxury accessories outline your remarkable elegance especially if you are wearing refined monochromatic outfits. These kind of elegant outfits are perfect for the days spent at your office due to the harmonious chromatic of the suave shades that you combine in a splendid original manner. The Lauren leather purses in shades of cognac go well with elegant pieces colored in bright brown; the exotic texture with croc effect will remove monotony from your wardrobe. IIts distinguished aspect will offer your delicate look more dynamism so that you will win all hearts.

Romantic structured ladies’ bags

The pastel purses with a minimalist design like the Chiara luxury bags colored in a seductive pink offer you a romantic, dreamy air due to the harmonious lines that combine in a graceful way, highlighting in this way the splendor of your feminine outfit. Next to an ethereal summer dress in diaphane colors, this ladies’ bag will draw attention even more at your sensual silhouette. The versatility of the Chiara bag gives you’re the possibility to try it with different other styles, whether it involves casual combinations or elegant ones.

Wild Inga creates special collections of structured luxury bags whose timeless refined style will highlight your good taste in fashion and the fabulous way in which your combine modern purses with your trendy clothing pieces. Get inspired by the new models of luxury accessories such as the Chiara leather bags and impress with the priceless charm of your gorgeous outfits. Don't forget that you can always personalize your beloved bags with original and creative messages.

Published of Mihaela Titirisca
to 11 Apr 2017

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