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Custom made leather bags - the perfect gift for any occasion


Looking for the perfect gift for you, or maybe for an important woman in your life? You do not have to think twice before making the most inspired decision, because we have the perfect solution for you: personalized ladies bags.

For a woman, the bag is the accessory with which she identifies the most; As a matter of fact, every day, she carries her secrets in a purse, thanks to which she manages to cope with every challenge. In this context, what gift can be more beautiful than a personalized lady bag with a unique message, dedicated to her, or in the combination of colors she desires the most?

With Wild Inga, you can offer her a unique, original gift and perfect elegance. Let's see what customization options for leather women's bags we offer:

Elegant personalized bags with the message engraved in premium leather

A gift that will surely awaken strong emotions, a personalized lady bag with a message engraved in premium leather is now a dream that has come true with Wild Inga. You can choose any model of the elegant bag found in our online store, and you can ask us to add them on the inside or outside - depending on your preferences - a unique message that will bring the purse loser to your girlfriend every day . Our designers will make sure that the chosen lady's bag is absolutely impeccable. The premium leather engraving is made using the latest technology available in the field, and it is executed manually, with the utmost care, so that the durability is maximal and the aesthetic quality of the accessory is impossible to criticize.

Ladies’ purses created according to your own design

With the customization request available on our website, you can gift the most beautiful women's purse, created according to your own preferences. You can choose the color, material, design, and even the handle type. And to make the personalization process as easy as possible, you can also send us a picture similar to the model of the ladies bag you want. Our designers will take care of delivering a unique experience, so you can set even the smallest detail with us. Do you have any doubt that such a ladies' bag will not incite the strongest emotions, when you will gift it?

Leather bags personalized with the name of their wearer

Every woman dreams of owning an elegant leather bag that is gers entirely in color, design and texture, isn’t that true? That's why we think a leather purse that carries the name of its wearer is a unique gift that helps you to express your feelings for the person you give it to. The name of the celebration can be inscribed on the inside or outside, and the model can be one of your choice from the ones already available in our online store or a new custom-made model.


Published to 13 Aug 2017