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Marlene Ruffle Turquoise Bag

579.00 EUR

An elegant day bag with a geometric design, 100% handmade in our own workshop, from italian leather. It features two frontal ruffles in pink hues, which create a balanced contrast with the turquoise leather. You can wear it in your hand or on the shoulder, depending on your preferences, and it can be personalized with a message, on the inside or on the outside.


Size: 24X18X10 cm

Collections: Marlene Leather Bag

Availability: In stock

We collected all the elements which are important for you when looking for a perfect leather bag, and put them together into the Marlene turquoise bag. Featuring an extremely secure closing mechanism, the leather bag with geometric design is an accessory ideal both for the office and for the other daily activities. It is 100% handmade in our workshop, and this is the reason why it is so resistant and perfect, while the colorful ruffles found on the surface of the bag give it an elegant and unique note, at the same time. The elegant ladies’ bag Marlene Ruffles can be worn both on the shoulder or in hand.


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