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Sienna White Belt Bag

499.00 EUR

A modern belt bag to be worn around your waist, made of  calfskin leather in whiteshades; it features  a strap that accentuates the waist; the double belt bag can compliment any outfit, no matter the season.

Size: 4cm (latime curea), geanta :18x14x8

Collections: Sienna Bag

Availability: In stock

Many celebrities have warmly embraced one of the most popular trends proposed by the fashion designers - the small leather belt bags that are worn around the waist. These are accessories that can be worn  in the summer season, with the advantage of accentuating your waist in a new way. At a beach party, a romantic dinner or just a night out in the city, a multipurpose bag around the waist is the only accessory you need to feel comfortable and chic.

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