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Elegant stripes: how to wear them with nude bags


Although we are used to the classic stripes of casual outfits which we wear when we usually go out for a walk or shopping, designers show us again that we can use the simple lines, which apparently are not so glamorous, to create a fabulous outfit characterized by the wonderful glow of elegance and femininity. The nude bags in gentle shades complement these elegant stripped outfits, regardless of their color so that it can highlight your graceful or sensual silhouette. Here are a few suggestions you should take into consideration when pairing amazing stripped pieces with nude leather purses that offer you an impeccable look.

nude bags

Nude bags and unusual stripped dresses

Shirt dresses with stripes, made of a silky, ethereal fabric can be the precious pieces that you need in order to draw attention to your refined style. The black or blue vertical stripes of these luxury items can be wonderfully combined with a thin belt and with the nude leather bag Lauren Nuvo, so as to transform your outfit into a sensational sophisticated look that will definitely be noticed at formal meetings at special events. This nude bag impresses with its modern feminine design, which sweetens your style due to its graceful curved shapes and to its distinguished texture with croc effect.

Off-the-shoulder shirt and luxury bags

The sensuality of a modern, asymmetric shirt that leaves your shoulder bare is accentuated by the golden chain of the Tiffany nude bag but also by its remarkable shape specially created to outline your voluptuous body. Next to this leather accessory in stunning nude shades which offer you a priceless imposing air, the refined style of your elegant outfit is perfectly highlighted. Wear an unconventional or classic shirt with the Tiffany ladies’ bag and a pair of black or dark chocolate trousers and you will catch all eyes with you charming feminine presence.

Stripped casual blouses in elegant outfits

Who would have known that a simple stripped blouse or top can bring attention to the splendor of your elegant outfit? Along with the Sofia nude clutch and a pair of pastel heels, your simple blouse paired with a maxi dress made of a sumptuous veil can become the key element when you want to captivate others with your amazing and unconventional grace.

Mixes of prints and nude purses

Nude bags will always balance the extravagance of an eccentric outfit in which the dynamic combination between stripes and floral or geometrical prints dominates. The gentle nude color of the Jessica beige bag can transform your fine tops and skirts with different prints into an outstanding outfit while highlighting your rich imagination and keen eye for beauty. This nude handbag distinguishes itself due to its modern lines that combines harmoniously with the black details that decorate both its sides.

Get inspired by this beautiful collection of nude leather bags and make chic combinations that are full of femininity and elegance. You can also customize your favorite bag with a special message meant to draw attention to your classy outfit.

Published of Mihaela Titirisca
to 20 Apr 2017