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What's the story behind the new FW 17/18 elegant leather bags collection, by Wild Inga?


Every woman is endowed with greatness, and only her can unlock the box which preserves this powerful, priceless asset. All the iconic women we treasure, admire and transform into our personal role-models exhibit some traits which shape their personality.

The new collection of elegant leather bags celebrates the iconic women

The Fall/Winter 20177/2018 Resort by Wild Inga transposes the traits of the successful, iconic women, into unprecedented elegant bags, in order to celebrate excellence and the power of the details which shape perceptions and maybe even the world itself - because every women needs to feel a step closer to perfection.

The new Wild Inga bags are coming to life and shape this concept through the name each one of the items has: inspired by the grace of the iconic women who made history, the names give to each bag the traits of a successful women.

How we transposed the traits of a successful woman into the design of the newest leather bags

The iconic woman, on her ascension to perfection, has a positive attitude and she overcomes any obstacle - and the extravagant chromatics of the leather bags highlight this trait; she is soft-hearted and strong-minded, quality which is emphasized in this new collection through the bags which combine the exotic texture of the snakeskin with delicate pastels.

The modern woman also knows how to maintain a balanced life, as well as the structural design of the bags found in the fall/winter resort inspire harmony and equilibrium; she sets goals, which shape each one of her actions, as well as the carefully crafted metallic details give the leather bags a confident, daring and perfect allure.

Last but not least, the iconic woman is always focused on the next step and she risks everything for what she believes in; we embedded this trait within the bags with handmade embroidery, by investing passion, time, patience, perseverance and attention in the designing and crafting process.

The message behind the new women's bags collection

If we would need to define the Wild Inga fall/winter resort through a single message, it would sound like this: dare to struggle today, so you can win tomorrow; develop the traits that you love about the iconic women and you will build something great in your own future. And then, you’ll teach the others to do the same.


Published to 09 Oct 2017

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