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Shoulder bags and the trendy military style


In the last years the style adopted by women has been inspired by masculine clothing items, an if at the beginning there were popular different types of trousers, then elegant jackets or blazers and shirts, Oxford shoes and other splendid pieces, now the military style has been one of the main targets of designers’ new trends in fashion.

For those of you who want to stay fashionable, Wild Inga suggests your try different stylish combinations with its beautiful shoulder bags, specially crafted from resistant, quality leather, as they go perfectly with this impressive style. The Marlene snakeskin bag, the Lauren dark green purse and the Ava leather bag impress with their extraordinary colors and textures.

Shoulder bags and military fashion

shoulder leather bags

Probably some among you are not used to this style but you surely find it interesting; for this reason it’s better to start with masculine pieces in delicate shades of khaki which you should pair with some of your old clothes and, of course, with the perfect luxury shoulder bag. Also, Wild Inga’s green shoulder purses are a great start, as they catch all eyes every time you wear them with confidence and with that certain kind of charm that defines your unique style.

Your heels are also essential elements in your amazing outfit defined by the military style; you can get a wonderful look if you combine your ladies’ bag with stiletto heels or with rock boots that would complement the splendor of your entire outfit. If you rather wear glam pieces that are less masculine, you can pair your khaki shoulder bag with a military-style shirt, a short skirt and fabulous high heels that offer you an imposing, mysterious air.

Color trends and leather bags

Although fashion stylists advise us to wear more colorful clothes, some of us prefer neutral colors or darker shades instead of brighter ones. This is where accessories come into play as they turn your outfit in a total success no matter how simple your pieces may be. Wild Inga’s shoulder bags highlight your femininity even when you make military style combinations because their modern and sophisticated design completes your stunning appearance in a graceful manner.

Published of Mihaela Titirisca
to 13 Apr 2017

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