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How to personalize your leather bag in a stylish way

Because we know how frustrating it can be sometimes wanting to give a unique present, but not knowing exactly how to proceed, we thought we would come to your rescue with a simple, yet effective solution. In addition to buying a sublime handbag, Wild Inga allows you to test your creativity by customizing your favorite designs with handwriting texts, that you can choose from existing models.



Natural leather clutches: a discreet and feminine accessory

A special category of the ladies purses, are the leather clutches for women, that have the ability to enhance both a festive outfit, and also one suitable for an evening out with friends.  Created around the 1920- 1930, specifically  for the Hollywood stars who wanted a model that does not draw the viewer's attention from the sublime dresses, but manages to bring a touch of elegance, the clutches have become an accessory, that resembles a jewelry, that we carry on today with grace and refinement.



Natural leather bags perfect for any season

You know that a bag is qualitative when you notice that you can wear it both in the summer and in the Fall- Winter season, when low temperatures make you doubt your decision to go out of bed for a long time. This becomes the most practical and affordable accessory that you have in your wardrobe, and you choose it whenever you are out of ideas or you desire a comfortable women's bag.



The Kelly leather bag: a timeless model of elegance

As a famous quote once said, the fashion and the trends are temporal, but the style is eternal. A stylish woman is one who manages to impress with her attitude and grace of her movements, being more important how she wears the outfits and not what clothes she chooses.  However, there are some leather accessories that can help us to get a chic and stylish look. The natural leather bags are the main elements that can add a sophisticated allure to the outfits that we choose, being practical at the same time.



How to choose a voyage leather bag?

Traveling manages to add flavor into our daily routine and expand our horizons through which we perceive the surrounding world. Whatever means of transport you use when you travel, you always need a travel bag that is spacious enough to keep safe all your personal belongings, including the clothing items, footwear and other personal things.



Color trend: how to combine outfits and leather handbags in brown shade

Among the favorite colors of ladies in autumn- winter season, there is also the brown shade, which is a warm and versatile color.The brown leather bags are a practical and versatile accessory that can be worn any time of the day. Precisely for this reason, today we will talk about the most interesting combinations of outfits and colors that you can do in order to have an impeccable appearance.