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posete casual
How to combine the silky kimono with elegant purses

Some of you might be wondering how to choose the right bag that can be easily paired with a silk kimono, because, as you all know, it’s one of this summer’s latest trends. Wild Inga comes with a few outfit suggestions that involve elegant bags and the refined colorful kimono.



genti la moda
New trend: fabulous look with leather belt bags

The Wild Inga woman, the muse that inspires every single day our ultra-fashionable creations, is an inexplicable sparkle that gives life to the surrounding world; you are the Wild Inga woman, the one who inspires freedom when she closes her eyes, who desires to stand up for herself. The new collection of trendy belt bags captures perfectly the essence of femininity and refinement in which you truly find yourself.



genti plic elegante
7 elegant clutches perfect for fabulous evening jumpsuits

Occasion dresses can be easily replaced with refined jumpsuits, made from silky fabrics, in intense or neutral colors that can offer us the impeccable look we all dream of. The elegant clutches are priceless accessories that complement your imposing feminine allure.



genti albe
How to wear white bags with all-white outfits

The minimalist, monochromatic outfits always inspire a certain kind of charm if you know how to pair them with the right accessories. When you wear such an outfit that evokes elegance and sophistication, all eyes will definitely be on your refined style and bold attitude with which you make extravagant combos.



posete de mireasa
Refined wedding clutches for unforgettable moments

Like any other future bride we spend a lot of time thinking about what dress to wear because we’ve been waiting for this special day for forever; it’s obvious that we wish to wear an elegant outfit that will gracefully capture the perfection of our femininity.



gentute de dama
Chic sporty look with trendy ladies bags

Great designers from everywhere have found again a source of inspiration in sporty outfits, creating in this way fabulous pieces that can be combined in the new athleisure style, a term that refers to the amazing combo between street style and gym style.