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genti de voiaj
Dreamy vacations with stylish voyage bags

When we go on a trip we need to wear comfy but also modern and trendy outfits that highlight our unique style and beauty, and a vacation wouldn’t be perfect without our stylish voyage bags. Thus, Wild Inga comes again with a few suggestions that can satisfy even the most pretentious modern woman.



genti de dama
Stylish belt bags, the latest summer trend

Now and then fashion focuses on the utility of our precious accessories not just on their refined amazing look. This is also the case with belt bags, also known as waist bags. When the practical part combines with the refinement of these apparently casual bags, our comfy summer outfit becomes simply outstanding.



geanta verde
Stylish outfits with green leather bags

When we want to choose the right bag we must take into consideration a lot of things; Wild Inga offers you a few trendy ideas regarding the way you can combine green leather bags with your splendid outfit. These colorful accessories are perfect for the hot summer days as well as for countless special events.



genti cu lant
Shoulder leather bags and the asymmetric summer trends

The shoulder leather bags with a superb modern design impress not only with the femininity of the golden shoulder chain with sparkling metallic accents but also with their remarkable versatility. These ladies accessories go perfectly with the asymmetric fashion trend.



posete din piele din italia
Luxury bags made from Italian leather, a chic collection

The leather purses made from Italian fabrics have a unique beauty besides the fact that the quality of their leather is exceptional. These summer luxury bags crafted from Italian natural leather are perfect for bright summer days as they can easily be paired with whatever outfit you desire.



geanta neagra din piele
Versatility and refinement with black leather bags

Any woman knows how important a bag is and this is why it’s difficult to find a purse that is perfect in every single way; our beloved accessory must follow the latest trends while catering to our needs and desires. Wild Inga has selected some wonderful black leather bags that can be ideal in a lot of circumstances.